Greenwood READS!

Greenwood Mall is excited to announce the launch of a new program Greenwood READS! This events page is designed to provide an overview of the upcoming program. Greenwood READS! is a reading incentive program that motivates students to achieve their reading goals through public recognition, inspirational speakers and rewards. The Greenwood Mall is partnering with local elementary schools to inspire and encourage young readers through this new program. This events page will be used to share pictures and videos from past events and provide information on how we can work together to launch Greenwood READS! at your school.


School Resources

Participating schools will find information pertaining to Greenwood READS! below. The sample materials are from another market - stay tuned for pictures and videos from the launch Greenwood READS! this fall.

Greenwood READS! Event Process Overview

Greenwood READS Informational Flyer

Greenwood READS Invite


Photo Gallery

For a slideshow of all the event pictures, click on a picture below.

Greenwood READS 1 | Greenwood Mall Greenwood READS 2 | Greenwood Mall Greenwood READS 3 | Greenwood Mall


Contact Information

If your school would like to participate in Greenwood READS! or for more information please contact Alyssa Smith at